Front-End Bootcamp with React

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Skill: React.js,next.js,JS
Work Experience: 3 years

About the course

Ever thought, you're spending your everyday time on facebook, twitter and lots of other useful websites and how they develop!

Are you curious about web development but don't know where to start? Would you like to be able to build your own websites? Have you tried learning HTML, CSS & JavaScript, but found other courses too boring, outdated, difficult?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then this is the course for you! You won't find boring, I promise!

You'll learn the most advanced cutting edge web technologies to built your website. At the end of course you'll able to build any websites you can imagine. So, why are you waiting for? Get ready to binge!

Course Outline

Total Class: 30 | Total Topic Covered: 40


  • Things to know as a web developer
  • Future of web development
  • Both ends of web development
  • Introduction to Frontend Development



  • HTML document structure
  • Common elements of tags of HTML


  • HTML Tables
    • HTML table elements
    • Table head
    • Table row
    • Table Column
  • HTML forms
    • HTML form element
    • form methods, actions
  • HTML doctype
  • HTML meta tags and their uses


  • Introduction to CSS Targeting color and background ID targeting
  • margin and border Padding,
  • margin and float
  • Font weight, style and family
  • Text decorations
  • Text spacing
  • Text decoration modification
  • Text shadow


  • Background Image
  • CSS gradient
  • Element specificity
  • Pseudo class
  • Border radius
  • Position
  • z-index


  • CSS Flexbox
  • CSS Grids
  • CSS Transition
  • Media Queries and Responsive Design


Integrative bootstrap and tailwind with our project


  • CSS Preprocessors
  • Browser Prefixes
  • Web Performance


  • JS Arrays and Objects
  • String Operations
  • Array Operations
  • Object Operations


JavaScript loop

Conditional Operations


  • JavaScript functions Modules
  • Module System, and why are they?
  • Different types of Modules


NodeJS and NPM

Installing Node and NPM

Uses of node and npm

How they works?


  • ES6 andd Various new features.
  • Spread syntax
  • Ternary operations


What is JavaScript Frameworks?

Introduction to ReactJs

Basic ReactJS

Setup react js development environment


BabelJS and JSX React Hooks


  • What is React State Management?
  • How do you manage global state in React?
  • Why State Management is Important For React Apps ?

  • What are the best State Management Library Tools?


  • Installing and Integrating TailwindCSS
  • Installing and Integrating Material-UI Installing
  • Integrating AntD


  • Data Fetching with Axios and Fetch Using “Service” based architecture Integrating
  • Using React-query


  • Server state and Global State
  • Global State Management with Zustand


  • React Router
  • Multi Page React Application
  • Router Authentication React


  • Cache Management Custom React Hooks
  • What is custom react hooks ?
  • what is cache management ?
  • How to manage cache using custom react hooks?


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