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Co-Founder of Samurai Geeks, Lead SDET, Former Team lead Gagagugu, Bashundhara group, Former Lead Software QA automation Engineer, EchoLogix Ltd
Skill: Software Automation Engineer,SQA Ninja, CSM,CSPO,Agilist
Work Experience: 10 years

About the course

Nowadays Software Quality Assurance is one of the most important and rewarding jobs in the tech industry.

The main responsibility of an SQA Engineer is to monitor the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure quality. Software Quality Assurance professionals have great demand all over the world. Companies are always hiring knowledgeable software quality assurance professionals.In this course, you will learn all the skills necessary to become a successful SQA professional. You will learn a practical understanding of testing overall, with a focus on test automation.At the end of the course, you obtain skills like Software Testing, Defect Prevention and Process Improvement, Software Inspection, and Software Reliability Engineering. The duration of this Course is 3 months. After completing this course successfully, you will get a certificate in SQA from Kodeeo and Klassroom.


Why You should enroll in this course?

-> Course training by experienced SQA, Expert Mentor, trainer and passionate professional about software testing.

-> Course content designed by considering current SQA technology and the job market.

-> Practical assignments at the end of every session and giving feedback.

-> Every Class will have sample test example and mini projects.

-> Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.

-> Free software testing study resource, material, and references.

-> Anyday Q/A and Lifetime Guideline and Mentors help.

-> Hands on Project and Exams.

Course Outline

Total Class: 30 | Total Topic Covered: 50


Introduction to Software QA and Testing, How to start, do's or don'ts


SQA mind Set, Test Education And Reality, The Tester’s Mental Attitude, The gist of any testing, QA Vs QC, QA Vs Tester, Verification and Validation, Cost of Quality, Why QA needs, QA future


Test theory, Test methodologies, BLACK Box Testing, WHITE Box Testing, GREY box testing, Key Differences, Adhoc Testing, END-To-END Test, Examples test, Different Kinds of testing


SDLC, Waterfall model, V model, Agile Methodology, Iterative Model, Spiral Model, Big Bang Model, STLC, Live Project Overview


Documentation knowledge and analysis, SRS, FSD, USD, Technical Documentation knowledge, Requirements Analysis, Test Strategy making


Architecture Understanding, Flow chart, Features request understanding, Use case study, Domains types and Knowledge, Simpler Domains Testing, Example, Structures, Functional Testing, Equivalence Class Testing, Mind Mapping, Discover Missing Requirements,


Importance of GUI, analysis of UI/UX, Design, Design check, Workflow understanding


Test Plan, Test Estimation Making, Test Cases. Test formality, Examples Test Documents, Best Archives Test, Advantage and Disadvantages, Standard Process of Test Scenario, Traceability Matrix


Test Environment, Test Data, Test Scenario and Test Cases Writing. Bug tracking, Troubleshooting, debugging VS Troubleshooting, Bug Test, Retest, Exploratory Test. Error, Bug vs Issue What is Bug, Defect,


STLC, Test Execution Guideline and Results, Standard practice, Mistakes and risks, Bug Life Cycle, Special Skills in Bug Finding, Why its “Bugs”, A bug impacts, Bug Vs A Feature, Bugs/Defects/Errors/Test techniques, Reviews, Status reporting, Some practical application test overview.


Functional and Non functional Test, UAT, and all other types of testing. User acceptance Testing, Business acceptance Testing, Alpha Testing, Beta Testing, Functional Correctness and Completeness, Data Integrity, Data Conversion, Usability, Performance, Timeliness, Confidentiality and Availability, Installability and Upgradability, Scalability, Acceptances and Exit Criteria


Exam 1


What is API, Types of API, API End points, Standard of Rest API, Set up of API test, API test Tools, API responses Check, API Data Type and leakages, Approach and Test Cases of API, Unit Test VS API test, Best practices of API, Risk Factors, Risk and Challenges of API test,


Boundary Value Analysis & Equivalence Partitioning, Compatibility Testing, Forward & Backward Testing. Bug Life Cycle, A set of test, Requirements Traceability matrix, Bug reporting, Bug Tracking


Defect management, Quality tools, Associate Testing Tools


Change management, Test Management Tool, JIRA, Bugzilla, Mentis or Others tools


Best Crowd Testing, Alpha and Beta Testing, How to Choose Test Suites for Regression Testing, Regression Testings


Test results Documentation, Known issues detect and Define Release, Deployment VS release,Deployment process, QA checkList For release, Emergency vs Planned, management Process


Why Load Test, Goals of Test, the difference of Load, Stress, Performance test, Guidelines, Associated Tools, Advantage and Disadvantage,

Live project Maintenance, Release Note.


Data Driven Testing, Test Driven Development (TDD), Context-driven testing, Keyword Driven Testing Framework with Example, Useful tools, Advance Testing Topics, How to enrich and continue to learn your Software testing skills


Introduction to some Automation tools, Why Automation, What to needs automation, Basic Automation testing overview, Automation test case, Basic Programming for Automation, Basic necessary things to write, run, write and store scripts,


Introduction to some Automation tools, Basic Load Test, Stress test and Performance test, Why we use tools for automation, Which projects need to automation, Load test by Jmeter, web test By tool selenium, Mobile Application test tool Appium


Difference of Manual and Automation Practically, Scripts development and Automation Framework, Some Misconceptions and Myths, OPT of Automation, Automations Test Challenges. Basic Practical knowledge of some automation and testing tools like Selenium, Jmeter etc. Appium and API automation by Postmam Set Up, Practical Example,


Test a Full website and web application (project 1). Projects type, Domains Description, Functional test Practice, Bug reports, bugs verification, evaluation


Test a Full Mobile Application (Project 2). Projects type, Domains Description, Functional test Practice, Bug reports, bugs verification, evaluation


Test a Full Desktop Application (Project 3). Projects type, Domains Description, Functional test Practice, Bug reports, bugs verification, evaluation


Prepare for the Job world and Practical Project Work Feedback, preview and Evaluation, Professional Resume, Interview and job preparation, Questions and Answers, Knowledge of the SQA Career Growth and Professionalism


Exam 2, Certificates.


Database, MYSQL, Queries, Data Testing, Data leakages, Data compare, Database testing importance, Schema Testing,


Future goal work, Self development guideline, Skill set list, Q/A, Discussion, Problem Solving, (also Mentoring anyday via Phone/Online)

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